Role and Responsibilities

1. Installation Planning:

• Daily meetings with Project Administrator and / or Project Manager to discuss tasks and planning for

the day / week / month ahead.

• Looking at the current list of jobs and doing appropriate planning to have it installed in the required


2. General:

• Making sure sites are ready for the installation to take place. Assessing up and coming sites.

• Ensuring external installation companies are properly trained up on MT documentation and the specific

installation to be completed;

• Doing physical installations of commercial grade panels and computers.

• Configuring display panels, PC’s and routers where required to get them operational and connected to

the network.

• Following company internal processes and documentation workflow.

• Doing QA (Quality Assurance) on installed sites once the installation has been completed to make sure

the job was done within our minimum requirements.

• Always working in a safe and responsible.

• It will be expected from you to always conduct yourself in a professional manner when working with

external installers, clients and internal staff.

• You will make part of the projects team at MT. Meaning you will work very closely with the Project


• Liaising with steel manufacturers and various other suppliers to make sure we have all specialized

equipment (like custom made brackets) made within spec and correct for any special requirements.

• From time to time you will be required to work at night and over weekends. This is due to some

installations that can only happen at night and / or Project deadlines that needs to be met.

• Overtime will only be paid if you work more than 45 hrs per week.

3. Reporting:

• Weekly reporting to be completed: QA inspections completed, training completed to external installers,

and all your installations done for the week.

4. Key Performance Indicators:

• Constant communication between yourself and PA’s

• Making sure we always improve our installation quality (New initiatives)

• Making sure sites are ALWAYS ready before we go out to site to install.

• Making sure you have the correct stock to finalize the job first time, (correct brackets etc) The PA’s

are not equipped to know the technical ins and outs.

• Hand over to maintenance when the installation is done. Maintenance brief per site and document

• Post installation brief / analysis with PA’s on finalization of every installation. How can we do things


5. Minimum Requirements

• Minimum of a matric qualification is required. Preferably with technical drawing as a subject.

• Experience in installing digital signage equipment (TV’s, computers) Minimum 3 years.

• Good understanding of basic computer operation. (Connecting a computer to a wireless network,

configuring different displays, troubleshooting problems telephonically) Minimum 2 years.

• Positive attitude, go getter.

• Willing to travel on short notice.

• Attention to detail.

• Strong communication skills.

• Safety conscious at all times.

• Creative thinker.

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