Consumers today are hard-pressed to visit any retail store, hotel, restaurant or corporate building without encountering digital signage. From television programming to menus to advertising, businesses are using digital signage to entertain while informing customers — and the trend is growing dramatically. Here we list our predicted top digital signage innovations for 2014.

Analytics matters.

Data only seemed to matter to advertisers needing to verify their purchases. As 2014 unfolds, we will see marketers (especially in larger retail environments) clamouring for data that helps them get smarter about how to create, schedule and deploy content.

How big is it?

Digital signage is starting to move away from the idea that one screen fits all with endpoints beginning to take on different sizes and shapes. While some progress has been made with shapes, the move toward varied and smaller sizes has been somewhat slower. In 2014, as venues make use of both large format and small format displays to present varied messages with different objectives, audiences and engagement strategies. Multi-screen displays will continue to pick up momentum, and small will be the new big.

Interactive Signage.

Colour this trend a result of the Internet generation. Because of the way we interact with smartphones and tablet computers today, consumers want digital signage to respond to them. Interactive digital signage lets users shape their engagements through touch screens, gestures, mobile interfaces and other means. This way, they control the messages they receive; helping you market to them based on their interests and needs.

Social Media integration.

Following on from interactive digital signage there will be more of a need to integrate social media into our messaging, Twitter feeds, alert notifications for traffic and weather are all important and are likely to grab the attention of the customer, making them more susceptible to your other messaging and advertising.

Live Video.

Consumers, bombarded by advertising messages, are more likely drawn to live video versus canned content. By including live video feeds as part of your digital signage, you could hold viewers’ interest longer. This stimulating way of engaging consumers could mean they spend more time at your location, which could result in increased sales.