Moving Tactics, established in Cape Town in 1997, is the leading South African Digital Signage Solutions Company which provides Digital Signage to all industries. Moving Tactics has been working with top retailers, restaurant chains, convenience store outlets and financial institutions, all of whom  have been trailing and implementing the platform across the continent for in-store Digital Signage, corporate communication, and audio applications. Our goal is to create a unique experience for customers or employees and it is quickly becoming the standard digital form of communication. These technologies are providing retailers, restaurant owners, corporates and financial institutions with unlimited communication opportunities to enhance their environment.

We offer customised Digital Signage solutions developed for all environments with emphasis on customer and staff communications. Digital Signage is modernising the retail environment by creating platforms that are relevant and useful for the consumer. Not only does Digital Signage improve in-store customer relationships, but it also positively affects internal corporate communications. All in-store Digital displays can be designed and formatted to fit the brand’s personality.