Originally named the ‘Wimpy Bar’ in 1954, serving fast-food, Wimpy’s fame grew and they rapidly established individual restaurants serving hamburger-based meals. Today, 61 years later, Wimpy is an iconic internationally recognised brand satisfying hundreds of hungry fans throughout the world. As one of the leading restaurant franchise groups in South Africa, they have a history of almost forty years, and more than 400 restaurants in Southern Africa. Today Wimpy is the leader in the quick service restaurant sector and an international favourite.

Our solution

Moving Tactics has installed screens along with an audio system to allow for content specific to the store to be shown and for a music genre also specific to the brand to be played. Each  Wimpy Audio Solution system installed is tailored to the needs of that specific Wimpy franchisee, which means that the playlists are updated twice a month so that regular diners enjoy a new musical experience each time they visit.



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