Wimpy, one of the country’s leading quick service restaurant chains, is enhancing its in-restaurant dining experience by introducing great music for customers to listen to while they dine. And the popularity of the playlists has been catching on with more and more franchisees opting to install the tailored Wimpy Audio Solution as implemented by Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company.

Since the Wimpy Audio Solution was first piloted at Wimpy restaurants in Sandton and East Rand Mall last year, demand for this solution has been growing due to the popular feedback received by franchisees, staff and customers alike.

The new Wimpy Audio Solution saves franchisees hours of their time selecting, downloading and maintaining their music selection. “We have taken something as simple as music playing in a store and made it a dynamic and personal experience. New songs are added daily as they are released and old songs are removed on a regular basis to keep the playlists fresh and relevant at all times. We’ve produced a Top 40 hit selection combined with older classic hits for the Wimpy group so that both the young and older audiences are catered for,” says Willem van Bosch, Solutions Development Manager at Moving Tactics.

The playlists are updated twice a month so that regular diners enjoy a new musical experience each time they visit. “It has saved me a lot of time not having to select and change CDs and it’s been a relief to have the playlists created and updated for us. If any of the songs chosen don’t go down well with our customers, we can simply request that it be removed, and this is then done with immediate effect. Another benefit has been that we can control the type of music being played on-site instead of having the staff select and play their own selection of music. It is much nicer to have a variety of music that appeals to a broad audience,” says Sabrina van der Merwe, Wimpy Lydenburg Franchisee.

Wimpy franchisees no longer have to concern themselves about unwanted content sneaking into the music being played. Van Bosch explains, “The days of worrying about expletives, vulgar language or advertisements being played as part of your music selection is over. With our vetting process, we ensure that these are excluded. However, the franchisees do have the option to include their own promotional or announcement messaging if they so wish”.

“Each Wimpy Audio Solution system installed is tailored to the needs of that specific Wimpy franchisee, which means overcoming certain challenges such as occasionally using existing on-site equipment, as well as dealing with installation and connectivity issues in very remote parts of the country. However, our technical teams have overcome these challenges and the Wimpy franchisees have been very happy with the outcome,” says Chris Day, Managing Director at Moving Tactics.

Interest has been growing among Wimpy franchisees and, in just two months, eight Wimpy restaurants have had the system installed.




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