An introduction to some of the popular digital signage applications or “How NOT to annoy your customers!

Moving Tactics is a leading South African Digital Signage Solutions company and our solutions are used to power connected devices such as, commercial screen displays, digital menu boards, touch screen kiosks, etc. In this article we will discuss a few of the categories where our digital signage technology will work.

Retail Stores

By investing into digital signage a retailer can deliver key messages to shoppers at point-of-decision, train and inform employees, sell more products and reduce waiting time.

Within the retail industry there are wide differences regarding each retailer in terms of customer, frequency of visits, average ticket value, etc, but we know that each retailer can benefit from an improvement in the shopping experience, make each employee more productive, reduce the load on customer service staff and if possible offer a supplementary form of income.

There are various applications of retail digital signage, namely:

In-Store Digital Advertising

Advertiser driven digital signage networks allows advertisers to buy airtime in order to inform customers about their products and services and in turn drive more sales at the point of decision. The placement, size of commercial screen, type of content and other circumstances in store can vary quite a lot, but the most successful networks are always treated as any other in-store medium. That is that digital signage is like any other form of point-of-purchase advertising that can be bought by marketers and used to the reach customers on the sales floor.

In-Store Digital Signage and Music

The retailer can utilise effective retail digital signage to promote their own products, brands and services to their customer and also attract potential customers with strategically placed screens in store front windows. In-store music has also added to the customers shopping experience and when these powerful channels are integrated a retailer can efficiently deliver their marketing message visually and audibly to the customer right at point of purchase.

Employee Training and Skills Management

Digital Signage can be used to display employee training videos, health and safety and other corporate messages before and after trading hours. Moving Tactics has further enhanced employee training to include Training on Demand (TOD) which allows training videos to be played at times set by the individual store management and it allows for the videos to be paused, rewound, forwarded and stopped. TOD is a revolutionary bolt-on product that allows to effectively train staff with huge cost savings for any distributed company.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Self-service touch screen kiosks have been around for a long time, but as newer applications are been adopted by retailers there has been a new resurgence of the technology, such as:

  • Self-service credit application in-store
  • <p”>Interactive product information and guided selling
  • Way finding systems, product locators and price checking units
  • Loyalty Programs and Customer Satisfaction
  • Product line extensions
  • Gift card sales and refill
  • Gift registry
  • Job applications and HR kiosks

Restaurants and Food Service

Installing an digital signage solution  which easily incorporates digital menu boards , kiosks and large format displays will up-sell to customers, improve the dining experience and reduce waiting times in quick service restaurants, Additionally having our digital signage solution that can be updated centrally in a matter of minutes, allows for better stock management and a day part selling. Additionally we our solution provides integration to POS systems, allowing for a simultaneous pricing and product changes to be made on both the POS till system and digital menu boards.

With new restaurant categories emerging to meet customer demands for greater quality and faster service, restaurant managers and operators are trying to find a way to reduce waiting times, increase average spend and encourage customers to return over and over.

Here is how it works.

Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu boards allows you to change your menu selection, featured items and even pricing throughout the day to better match what your customer requires. Quick changes can be made to take advantage of weather conditions (e.g. cafe latte on a cold day and iced coffee on a warm day) or help promote events (congratulating the local team and offering a discount to supporters).  Although dynamic LCD and LED menu boards can replace the entire menu area, some chains prefer to swap out only a few panels using the digital area to show case specials and leaving the traditional menus to show the full product selection with pricing.

Self Service Food Ordering Kiosks

More and more restaurant operators are experimenting with self service kiosks. Customers that use these self-service touch screen terminals place their order and pay for it with cash, debit, credit or gift card. Thereafter they proceed to pick-up or dining area to receive their food. The ordering kiosk can consistently up-sell, cross sell and visually confirm the order before placing it, both average till slip and order accuracy will increase with the use of a kiosk.


Overall waiting time will be reduced and the customer will be informed about a banks products and services when an integrated digital signage solution coupled with integrated queue management is installed within each branch.

>As a way to improve the banking experience and to communicate better with customers, many banks are turning to digital signage to win new customers and to convince existing ones to use more services.

Here are a few popular ways it can be done:

Waiting Area Displays
Digital Signage can serve as dynamic bank message boards, delivering compelling messages about current rates and the benefits of opting into new products and services to customers waiting in line at the tellers or elsewhere in the branch.

Product Information and Transactional Kiosks

A kiosk can allow a customer to browse new products and services the bank has on offer, see the latest interest rates, build a service package customised to the customer profile, etc. By educating the customer at the touch kiosk, they will more likely sign up for higher value services and expand their relationship with the bank.

Transportation and Travel
Digital Signage keeps the traveller informed, makes their trip more enjoyable and to reduce waiting time.

More and more people are travelling and the logistics to get from point A to point B are stressful to the traveller including the transportation provider. Digital Signage can provide information to the traveller, giving them a more enjoyable experience while reducing associated costs with ticketing and other transactions. i.e. Bus Stations, Train Stations, Taxi Ranks, etc.

Arrival/Departure and Weather/News Displays

Flight information display systems have been around for years, but enterprising airports, train stations, bus depots and taxi ranks have upgraded these screens to show real-time information on delays, weather, news, sports, stock market updates and other information the customer might need. These displays can reduce the workload by providing information, which the traveller would normally ask from staff and also cut down on the perceived waiting time for passengers.

In-Vehicle Displays

In-seat entertainment on airplanes has become a standard for international flights and is been introduced on domestic flights. The benefit of installing displays in taxis, busses and trains is similar to planes as you have a focused audience to whom you can advertise information about the travel provider, local businesses and attractions, etc.

Corporate Communications

Digital Signage allows communication to employees across the country with one focused digital channel, which can also inform and train staff.

Companies that are spread out over the country have a difficult time communicating key messages to all their employees, especially to those with no computer with access to e-mail.  Digital Signage allows all employees to the view current corporate message to all remote branch offices, retail stores, factories and distribution centres.


More and more companies are using digital signage to enhance, inform, up-sell and improve their business performance. We at Moving Tactics have the experience and knowledge to work with you to create and build a customised digital signage solution that will deliver on your business requirements.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which develops integrated digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative moving media solutions for contemporary retail spaces.

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