Large Digital Screens

Moving Tactics provides various customised Large Digital Screens solutions, allowing you to showcase dynamic content and deliver high-impact, attention-grabbing communication, creating engaging experiences while elevating brand visibility.

LED Screens: Promote existing campaigns, stimulate sales, and launch new products, for either indoor or outdoor installations.

Video Walls: Configured to your specifications, transform your space into an eye-catching, immersive brand experience.

Digital Promotional Screens - Large Digital Screens


Create high-impact brand promotion with the use of large-sized LED or Video Wall solutions.

LED and Video Wall screens can be configured to any size, based on requirements.

LED screens offer versatility for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Real-Time Content Updates and Event Triggers: instantly adapts messaging in response to changing circumstances, promotions, or events, ensuring quick and effective communication.

By adding Audience Metrics technology to large digital screens, we can ascertain the audience in front of the screen, from passing traffic to their dwell time, gender and age group.

Remote Content Management:manages and updates content across multiple displays from a central point according to factors such as time of day, store type, and location.


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