Retailing giant, Edgars has partnered with the leading South African digital signage solutions company, Moving Tactics SA, to install its in-store digital media solution at their new internationally branded store, Tom Tailor. This trendy German lifestyle and fashion brand has become a global hit and has opened its doors for the first time in South Africa.

Edgars, who has the exclusive South African franchise rights to the Tom Tailor brand, opened the store in the Sandton Shopping Centre last month. Tom Tailor is one of the fastest growing fashion houses in Europe and is known for its quality and trend-setting lines. Moving Tactics was selected to install a visual and audio digital signage system that would meet the high international standards expected by both Tom Tailor and the Edcon Group.

Sharon Dickinson, Edcon Group’s Head of Brands, says “We needed an in-store digital signage system that would meet Tom Tailor’s very high standards and would deliver on the need for the store staff and management to monitor their environment in South Africa. They wanted an interactive system that would enable users to have the necessary information and stats at their fingertips”.

Moving Tactics, who has the sole rights to the internationally acclaimed real-time visual communications software, X2O Media, has installed a full audio and visual system for Tom Tailor. Their innovative X2O Media platform has been used to operate the Muse Germany and Tom Tailor content and allows it to successfully integrate with the South African infrastructure.

“These X2O features are what enable the giant leap in interactivity and integration of information. Dynamic objects can be linked to data feeds like news, weather, traffic or financial information and will update automatically on any screen. This also applies to user-generated content from social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile interactivity to your network of digital displays is possible by dynamically displaying QR codes,” explains Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics.

“As we all know, content is king…and our X2O Media platform has the latest content management tools, which makes it easy to use, but more importantly saves our clients money and time.”

The importance of creating customer experiences in the retail environment is well-documented and is proving to influence consumer decision-making at the point of sale, as well as helping to enforce branding and enriching the overall shopping experience. Chris Day explains, “Today, more and more retailers are beginning to recognise and reap the benefits of using digital displays as part of their branding and customer shopping experience. It allows shoppers to visually interact with the brand’s products or promotions whilst still in the store environment, where actual purchasing decision can be made”.