Inrichmint: What is your position and describe your job function at Moving Tactics?

Chantel Viljoen: PA to MD  – Description will keep you reading for a VERY long time BUT In short, i am the mini MD and i try my best to make sure that everything requested by the boss gets done.

Inrichmint: How long have you been moving and shaking at Moving Tactics?

Chantel Viljoen: TOO long – 5 years

Inrichmint: How did you get into the digital advertising industry and what motivated you to go there?

Chantel Viljoen: There was a PA position advertised on-line. I applied, came in for a interview, – and whala… i got the job!

Inrichmint: What is the most entertaining ritual in your office?

Chantel Viljoen: Team buildings .

Inrichmint: Which related courses or degrees have you studied to get where you are today?

Chantel Viljoen: Every day is a highlight at MT. 

Inrichmint: Which blogs, websites, digital and print publications do you read and follow?

Chantel Viljoen: Cosmopolitan, Car magazine, News 24 – and for anything else I need to know: GOOGLE! haha

Inrichmint: What makes you a super hero in the Moving Tactics team and sets you apart?

Chantel Viljoen: I’m a do-er: Meaning, i get things done.

Inrichmint: Which series have you watched from start to finish and now waiting on the next episode for download?

Chantel Viljoen: Prison break,  CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, The Bachelor, Top Gear

Inrichmint: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time, what are your career goals and your aspirations?

Chantel Viljoen: In 10 years from now, I’d like to be the owner of my own company. Silent partner (i.e. not do any more work, but collect a pay check at the end of the month) hehe. Other than that, I’d like to spend time travelling the world.

Inrichmint: Who would you most like to meet, spend an evening with over dinner and a bottle of something good?

Chantel Viljoen: Bernie Ecclestone – Maybe he’ll lend me Alonso’s car to take for a spin 🙂

Inrichmint: What can you simply just not live without?

Chantel Viljoen: My family, love, hope and faith…. and yes paydays too!

Inrichmint: What was the last book you read?

Chantel Viljoen: In another woman’s shoes


Pet Name: Chants

Real Age: 27


Interviewed by: Jacqueline Freer

Inrichmint Media Studio


Moving Tactics 2012