Non-touch Telco Display

The COVID-19 pandemic requires higher hygiene protocols and social distancing within the retail environment. Telecommunication Service Providers (SP) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have experienced increased difficulty in allowing customers to interact directly with handsets in-store, based on hygiene issues, as well as stores having fewer to no promoters in store due to social distancing. This issue will have direct influence on sales and the ability for customers to make informed decisions.

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We, at Moving Tactics have taken these issues into account and developed our Non-Touch Handset Solution to overcome any contamination issues, by allowing the telecommunication service provider to still have the physical handsets available in store. By incorporating a specific Samsung Stretched screen in the middle of the handset presentation table, linked to our InfraRed devices built in front of each handset position, we are able to trigger relevant content regards the handset based on features, contract and pricing detail. Further to this we are able to flight promotional advertising, while the devices are not triggered. This solution not only addresses the non-touch capability, but also various pricing alternatives that are available to the customer, as well as the added benefit of comparing features and contract pricing of handsets.

The Moving Tactics Non-Touch Handset Solution provides the OEM and SP with the ability to reach the right customer, with the right information at the right time.