Introducing our newest team member – Fehmida Ismail who has been appointed Junior Motion Graphic Designer at Moving Tactics. Fehmida was born in Pretoria, in an Indian suburb known as Laudium. From the age of three she was raised by her single Mother. At the age of 10 she and her family moved to her Mother’s home town, Cape Town. It was in Cape Town where she completed the rest of her schooling. Hailing from a diverse and interesting background, Fehmida has been blessed with a multi-cultural family – she is a Muslim woman with an Indian father and former Christian, Coloured mother. As she was born in 1994, she was one of the first of the ‘Born Free’ generation within South Africa who were born in the new Democracy. As a result, her parents were able to have her in hospital without having to pay any hospital bills!

Having graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from CPUT, she also received a National Diploma subsequently.  As part of the curriculum Fehmida chose to learn more about Motion Graphic Design as it was always an interest of hers to be able to animate or visually send a message using motion. With motion graphics it is easier to emphasize hierarchy as well as express a message. She feels her role at Moving Tactics is an excellent opportunity which will help her to gain more experience and learn more about motion graphics – something that she feels very passionately about. In addition, it gives her the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of being able to work with different products and different looks while testing the limits of Motion Design.

During her free time Fehmida designs for the Point Africa Charity Organization, as well as enjoying her additional work as a Freelancer. Her hobbies entail watching a good movies and series, digitally illustrating, and spending time with friends.

Fehmida believes in designing the future and that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. She spends a large amount of time focusing on her future and learning new skills that will lead to building her success.

Welcome to the Team Fehmida!

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