Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, had experienced rapid growth in the Gauteng region with an increasing number of successful digital signage projects being undertaken by the company. With sectors such as Retail and Quick Service Restaurants realising the value of effective in-store digital media, their expansion into South Africa and Africa is set to continue.

With new digital signage networks consistently being secured and with the staff complement having tripled in the last few months, the need for larger premises was evident. Having had a presence in Johannesburg since 2002, Moving Tactics has recently moved into new offices in the Metropolitan Business Park located at 82 Wessels Road, Rivonia.

Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics, says, “The Johannesburg operation has traditionally had a technical focus with mainly maintenance and technical teams on staff. However, due to the increasing demand for digital signage and the positive word of mouth we continue to receive from existing clients, we’ve geared up all our divisions, including sales, design, account and content management”.

“The demand for content creation that is specifically designed for large format digital signage is massive. We have been lucky to work with great clients who realise the impact of good content that attracts customers’ attention and delivers an effective call to action,” adds Day.

Willem van Bosch, General Manager of Moving Tactics Johannesburg, has years of experience in digital signage and believes that working closely with his customers and suppliers is key. “We make an effort to customise our digital signage solutions to meet the specific needs of each client and we work closely with our suppliers, who offer products across categories and cover the entire spectrum of digital signage. Too many companies out there call themselves “digital signage providers” yet they only have one digital solution. We have made it a priority to offer a client exactly what they require, whether it’s a high-end 24-hour network with the best of breed multiple panels and connectivity redundancy or a single screen 8-hour a day operator looking for a commercial light solution,” explains van Bosch.

Moving Tactics’ Johannesburg office is prepared for the growth and development of the digital signage market in South Africa. Day explains,” We have seen a large increase in enquiries from the banking, mobile, fashion and cosmetics sectors as of late. Moving Tactics has, in the past, spent a fair amount of time educating the market about the benefits of using digital signage and the correct mix of hardware and software that should be utilised. We are now seeing the results of this and it enables us to deliver solid solutions that achieve the client’s requirements. We are very proud to be seen as the trusted advisor for digital signage in South Africa”.
Moving Tactics is the leading South African digital signage solutions company and has sole rights to the internationally acclaimed real-time visual communications software, X2O Media, within Africa. Moving Tactics develops customised digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative communication solutions.