Moving Tactics’ Digital Impact division was recently contracted to design and manufacture custom tasting tables for a 6-week roadshow of selected taverns across South Africa.

In partnership with activation agency SONIC STATE, the technology supplied by Moving Tactics gave tavern patrons an opportunity to enjoy a digital journey of a selection of whiskies.

On the hardware front, the Impact team provided steel-fabricated housings with integrated 21.5” touchscreens and built-in PCs. Colour changing LED lights were also integrated into the front panel of the mobile bar unit so that the changes in whisky category selection would instantly be reflected. In addition to providing the housing and hardware elements, Moving Tactics also managed the software development for the project.

The first step in the user interaction process required patrons to place their whisky glasses on the glowing coaster in the centre screen of the housing. Thereafter, they were required to key in their preferred taste category from the four different categories that were available, namely bold, vibrant, rich and fresh. Having selected their category, the consumers were then asked to select from one of the various whisky brands and their respective mixes. The final step in the ‘3-click’ process allowed patrons to enjoy a short 8 second video animation that visually explained their whisky choice and its inherent brand message.

Moving Tactics Digital Impact is a new addition to the Moving Tactics stable and specializes in short-term rental and campaign-based digital activation solutions. In addition to providing concept development and implementation using touch and projection technology, they also design and manufacture screen housings and bespoke items based on brief.

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