Digital Content

We provide a specialised content service that maximises the value of your digital signage investment. So, you’ve installed a digital signage network across your business and you’re putting up content and videos…now what? How do you entice your customers to engage with your brand and, most importantly, act on the messages being sent? What will make the content pop?

Content Strategy

Strategic content development involves knowing which of your planned campaigns will stand out from the rest. Knowing your network is key as technical advances, or limitations, will inform your marketing opportunities. The science behind content development is the ability to skilfully manage your content sources and marketing strategy in order to deliver engaging, relevant and measurable content.

Motion Graphic Animation (2D/3D)

The Digital Content division supports many brands with the transition from traditional media to in-store digital. In-store digital signage content must be treated and animated differently than traditional media content and must be developed, keeping in mind the environment in which they will be viewed. Animation time has to mirror customer dwell-time, which can change from day-to-day.

Software Development

Interactive touchpoints are a great way to engage with a brand, and offer real-time data that can directly influence marketing objectives. We specialise in creating software for touch screens, way-finders, digital menus or product information kiosks for brands such as MTN, Adidas, DSTV (E! Entertainment), Weylandts, Wimpy and the City of Johannesburg.

Innovation: Screen Takeovers

The ability to activate screen takeovers and sync content, to the millisecond, across regional, national or international locations is our forte. Screen takeovers are highly effective for promotional content and is visually unmatched. It offers the utmost engagement and ‘WOW’ factor for an audience.

Innovation: Time/Weather-Based Content

Having the ability to upsell or change buying decisions is vital for any brand. One way of doing this is to offer the correct product based on external factors, such as time of the day or the local weather. Bespoke content based on location data is proving more popular and can be built into the planned marketing strategy many months ahead of time.