Digital Signage

Moving Tactics offers an innovative way to communicate through customised Digital Signage solutions, developed for the business environment with an emphasis on creating effective and engaging customer communication anywhere in the world.

Employee Training

We offer a number of employee training and corporate communications solutions using targeted channels featuring video, dynamic imagery and live data. A single, easy-to-use platform that creates, schedules and distributes stunning visual clarity and professional displays. Employees can access this information on a variety of devices, from desktops to tablets to display screens when they need to.

Digital Menu Boards

Customised digital menu boards provide dynamic content to attract client attention and drive sales with one click. Additionally, its flexible functionality updates pricing in minutes from a centralised database, regionalises campaigns, day-parts and ensures that all outlets adhere to ensure consistency and integrity of the brand.

Promotional Boards

Digital Promotional Boards allow for dynamic content changes to occur from a central location and has the ability to manage content scheduling based on time of day, store type and location.

Interactive Kiosks

Users expect content to be interactive and engaging and expect brands to provide platforms where they can interact directly with information. Moving Tactics provides fully interactive content via any type of digital display. This may include touch screens equipped with motion sensors and cameras, using external triggers from mobile phones and a variety of other external inputs; or video kiosks.

In Store Radio

Moving Tactics provides controlled and customised radio music solutions to enhance the in-store customer experience. We are registered with the top music licensing bodies to ensure access to the latest selection of music whilst remaining compliant. We also assist with the licensing of needle-time rights with SAMPRA.