Digital Innovation

Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

Manufacture and Design

We offer a complete manufacturing and design service for all of our digital solutions that include working directly with clients, or via creative agencies, to produce scaled 3D renders of end-product designs. The team is known for its custom-made screen housings produced from various materials, such as solid timber, veneered finishes, sprayed MDF, powder-coated mild steel or high-grade stainless steel.

Software Development

In addition to providing housings and hardware components, we offer complete software development solutions so that user experiences can be designed and tailored according to a client’s campaign objectives.

Integrated Activations

To round out our solutions development offering, we create, design and implement any digital elements our clients and partner agencies deem appropriate for the desired experiential marketing engagement. This can range from content development, touch and projected components to on-site support and cover set-up, strike and technical assistance.

Projection Solutions

We offer a broad range of indoor and outdoor projection solutions that are incredibly scalable and can range from 30cm through to large-scale projections over 30m in height. Projections can be done on a variety of substrates including treated glass, water, buildings, walls and custom-designed sets.

Touch Technology

Our services include the design and manufacture of touch screens and custom touch interfaces for both sales and rental. These interfaces include making use of LED screens with infrared frames or specialised touch-foils, depending on specific requirements.