Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics gathers data from brick-and-mortar retail environments using a variety of technologies and digital analytical tools to provide clients with valuable insights that help them make better-informed business decisions and optimise their performance. Each of our technologies and tools employ robust hardware, automated reports and easy-to-use online dashboards.

Footfall counting

Footfall counters, also known as people counting technologies, provide key information to retailers. Tailored to your needs, they keep track of the number of people in a store and support social distancing regulations. Using technologies such as motions sensors, cameras and WiFi-enabled devices, retailers can adjust operations to deliver better customer service and optimise efficiencies.

Queue Management

Virtual Queue Management allows customers to take a number in a virtual queue and continue shopping while waiting their turn to be served. Not only does it reduce the amount of time customers actually spend waiting but it also reduces perceived waiting times. Most beneficially, it gives customers the opportunity to continue shopping while they wait and, in so doing, increase their basket size.

Audience Measurement

Our Audience Measurement solution provides retailers with measurable data and an insight into their in-store audience. Using cameras attached to digital signage screens, this discreet feature measures how customers interact with screen content. It gathers data on the number of viewers as well as their gender and age. Attention time, opportunities to view the content, and emotions of the customer at the time of viewing are also measured.

In-Store WiFi & Engagement

In-Store WiFi and engagement is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance a customer’s in-store experience, allowing them to access retail apps, loyalty programmes and share their experiences on social media. We provide a fully-managed, customisable and branded solution that gives retailers the opportunity to obtain valuable data and communicate with their customers simultaneously.

Customer Feedback

Give your customers the opportunity to provide service feedback in a quick, user-friendly and convenient way. Branded Customer Feedback pads measure the information you need most - whether it be customer service scores by store, by department or by staff member. Feedback can be gathered via a quick click on a smiley face or by having your customer answer a few customisable questions.

Covid19 Queue Management

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting regulations, Moving Tactics has developed a solution to assist retailers in managing the number of customers entering their stores. The solution combines Digital Signage with People Counting technology and allows the software to keep track of how many people have entered the store and what current capacity is. This number is communicated with customers and staff waiting at the entrance in real-time, both visually and with a buzzer feature. The display unit is also fitted with hand sanitizer to create an all-in-one unit. The digital screen can also be used to share pertinent information or promotions with shoppers waiting to enter the store.