Inrichmint: What is your position and describe your job function at Moving Tactics?

Ross Taylor: Animation and Design, Moving Tactics Corporate Identity 

Inrichmint: How long have you been moving and shaking at Moving Tactics?

Ross Taylor: Just shy of 4 years 

Inrichmint: How did you get into the digital advertising industry and what motivated you to go there?

Ross Taylor: Studied Graphic Design and Advertising, self-taught Animation, landed this sweet job and have been animating ever since. Seeing any great piece of Art or Design always motivates me to better myself and try new things. 

Inrichmint: What is the most entertaining ritual in your office?

Ross Taylor: Team Building and Party Events 

Inrichmint: Which related courses or degrees have you studied to get where you are today?

Ross Taylor: Studied Graphic Design at CPUT 

Inrichmint: What has been the highlight and most rewarding moment of your career?

Ross Taylor: 2 increases in 1 month, from a large and very successful project 

Inrichmint: Who, as in a person not an institution, inspires you from the digital and advertising industry?

Ross Taylor: Andrew Kramer, Nick Cambell, Sander Van Dijk 

Inrichmint: Which blogs, websites, digital and print publications do you read and follow?

Ross Taylor:,,, How Magazine, Creative Magazine 

Inrichmint: Which series have you watched from start to finish and now waiting on the next episode for download?

Ross Taylor: Fringe, 30 Rock, Bored to Death, Misfits, Eastbound & Down 

Inrichmint: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time, what are your career goals and your aspirations?

Ross Taylor: Enjoying recognition from my award winning advertising campaigns, in my ridiculously big office at my own agency, award winning agency…that I own 

Inrichmint: Who would you most like to meet, spend an evening with over dinner and a bottle of something good?

Ross Taylor: Trent Reznor…or Emma Stone, is she still single? I can’t decide. Maybe Nick Cambell 

Inrichmint: What can you simply just not live without?

Ross Taylor: Music, Gaming Rig, believing in the possibility of a zombie apocalypse…and of course steak! 

Inrichmint: What was the last book you read?

Ross Taylor: World War Z by Max Brooks


Pet Name: Da Rosstafarian

Real Age: 26


Moving Tactics 2012


Interviewed by: Jacqueline Freer

Inrichmint Media Studios 2012


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