Inrichmint: How long have you been moving and shaking at Moving Tactics?

Shamiemah Wilson: 4 Years 

Inrichmint: What is the most entertaining ritual in your office?

Shamiemah Wilson: Announcing the sales on a Friday 

Inrichmint: What is your position and describe your job function at Moving Tactics?

Shamiemah Wilson: Junior Content Manager Content scheduling across all circuits, Adding and Removing of Artwork,  Compiling of Flighting Reports, Confirmation of Artwork Flighting/Removal, Recording Artwork Size For Analysis. 

Inrichmint: Which related courses or degrees have you studied to get where you are today?

Shamiemah Wilson: Content Management Training 

Inrichmint: Who, as in a person not an institution, inspires you from the digital and advertising industry?

Shamiemah Wilson: Chris Day 

Inrichmint: Which blogs, websites, digital and print publications do you read and follow?

Shamiemah Wilson: Cosmopolitan 

Inrichmint: What makes you a super hero in the Moving Tactics team and sets you apart?

Shamiemah Wilson: Prioritizing my responsibilities so I have clear head of what needs to be done when, has helped me effectively manage pressure on the job. 

Inrichmint: Which series have you watched from start to finish and now waiting on the next episode for download?

Shamiemah Wilson: Secret Circle, Episode 17 

Inrichmint: Who would you most like to meet, spend an evening with over dinner and a bottle of something good?

Shamiemah Wilson: Roshan Maharaj 

Inrichmint: What can you simply just not live without?

Shamiemah Wilson: Love 

Inrichmint: What was the last book you read?

Shamiemah Wilson: Destiny Switch by Peggy McCall 

Inrichmint: Whats your Pet Name?

Shamiemah Wilson: Miems


Real Age: 23


Moving Tactics 2012


Interviewed by: Jacqueline Freer

Inrichmint Media Studios 2012