Moving Tactics has come a really long way over the past decade and a half. In the wake of their recent fifteenth birthday celebration we have decided to delve deeper and looking over the years explore a more detailed history bringing you, the reader, the inside story about where Moving Tactics Timeline, making its mark in digital signage solutions, touch screen kiosks, retail advertising and in store media.

  • In July 10, 1997 Moving Tactics ran its first trailer campaign.
  • Moving Tactics, in 1998, presented a number of successful trailer campaigns including the B.H Film festival & Akerstad Mall, the J&B Met and Football Trailers.
  • In 1999 Moving Tactics went on to investigate scrolling display technology adding more great trailer campaigns to their portfolio ranging from TML Reed exhibitions to the J&B Met for a second year running and Good Hope FM for a touch of good measure.
  • The year 2000 was an exciting year with the birth of the Moving Tactics Campus Division.
  • And following on from the successes of 2000, during the following year in 2001, phase two of the Moving Tactics Campus Division was launched.
  • Moving Tactics started their retail division in 2002 and additionally, in the spirit of keeping the ball rolling, installed scrollers in local big name retail stores including Clicks, Edgars and CNA cellular kiosk areas. Also in 2002, Moving Tactics launched their promotion
  • division this making it a truly bumper year as phase three of the Campus Division was launched.
  • Moving Tactics bought new offices in 2003 making it a memorable year indeed By October 2004 Moving Tactics had 150 billboards across 20 Campuses and launched the Billboard Division (for campus) as part of their scrollers and promotions offering.
  • In 2005 Moving Tactics built Campus Radio into their Campus services and offerings Moving Tactics sold their Campus division to Primedia in 2006.
  • The year 2007 brought with it super success stories as Moving Tactics installed the Midas Digital in store digital TV network into 100 of Midas’s top performing outlets. This is not to mention great celebrations as Moving Tactics turned ten in the same year and Raymond Smeda joined the Moving team as their new business development Director.
  • Moving Tactics installed Picardi Rebel Liquors in store digital TV Network into 50 stores in 2008 and as the business grows they move offices to Dunkley House that year.
  • The following year, in 2009, Chris Day returns to Moving Tactics after a 2 year contract of running Campus Media and Moving Tactics hit another awesome landmark as they proudly and incredibly acquire digital rights to Edgars chain and sell their remaining shares
  • in Campus media to Primedia. Moving up the chain the company install Makro Cellular and Ultra Liquor in store digital TV Network.
  • Moving Tactics is appointed to sell advertising space for PnP Liquor in 2010 and further adding to their success while forging and developing the working relationship they install Red Square Digital TV Network into entire chain along with Edgars in store digital TV Network on 600 screens.
  • Moving Tactics move into new office once more in 2011 and the renovations commence.
  • Raymond Smeda buys into Moving Tactics and becomes a Junior Partner of Moving Tactics in 2012 and the company win the Fruit & Veg City and Freshstop digital signage accounts. By the start of the third quarter Moving Tactics officially launches their Digital Signage Solutions Division and install a further 600 screens into top Edgars stores.

It is clear to see that Moving Tactics is more than simply going places; they are the best in the game when it comes to prime digital signage solutions and retail advertising offerings. Moving Tactics achieve outstanding results time and time again with an incredible portfolio and track record to prove it.

Contact Moving Tactics for details and find out how you can take advantage of their superior expert knowledge.


Moving Tactics 2012

Written by Jacqueline Freer
Inrichmint Media Studio

July 2012