Digital Promotional Screens

Moving Tactics Digital Promotional Commercial Screens have been globally proven to be highly effective for out-of-home promotion, providing your customers with the right content at the right time at the point of purchase to boost sales. Our commercial screens ensure 24/7 uptime and are supported by our nationwide support network to  ensure continuous operation.

Digital Promotional Screens - Large Digital Screens


Attracts the attention of customers with clear, high impact visuals.

Provides dynamic content to captivate customers attention and provide relevant information regarding a product or service.

Promotions can be time or date range based, allowing flexibility for sales and marketing.

Content can be prescheduled, allowing for promotions to begin simultaneously across all stores or categories at specific date or time.

Screens within each store department can be grouped to promote relevant information, while also cross-merchandising to inform customers about promotions in other departments.

Allows for dynamic price changes and content removal if products are sold out in store.


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