Queue Management

Our Queue Management solutions provide you with a way to better manage your customer’s experience while they wait for service by replacing traditional waiting lines with virtual ones using the latest technology. Moving Tactics’ Queue Management solution allow customers to select a service, receive a number in the queue, maintain their place in the queue without standing in a line, and be notified when it’s their turn for service.

Not only does it reduce the amount of time your customers actually spend waiting but it also reduces the perceived waiting time. Most beneficially, it gives your customers the opportunity to continue shopping while they wait and, in so doing, increase their basket size.

Interactive Digital Solutions - queue management


Variety of self-service kiosk options

SMS integration to accommodate a paper or paperless solution.

Browser-based Queue Call Pads

Advertise and manage content using Queue Management Screens.

Real-time analytics via online dashboards and reports.


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