Interactive Digital Solutions

Customers want content to be interactive and engaging, and they expect brands to provide platforms where they can interact directly with the content.

Our Interactive Digital solutions and Touch Screen Technologies provide self-service terminals equipped with touch-sensitive displays. Moving Tactics have a range of innovations, from promotional content search, product ordering and payment as well as way-finding solutions. Additional enhancements, allow for all interactions to be logged via our data analytics solution to provide feedback.

Interactive Digital Solutions - queue management


Touchscreen interface:

provides user-friendly way for customers to independently access information, browse products, place orders, and interact directly with the brand.


improves navigation efficiency in large spaces.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration:

enables customers to securely purchase items and complete transactions directly through the kiosk interface.

Real-Time Updates:

easily updates or adjusts information in real-time, ensuring that displayed content remains relevant and up-to-date for customers.

Remote Content Management & Customisation:

content can be managed and updated remotely across multiple interactive kiosks from a centralised location, allowing for real-time adjustments, targeted messaging, and customised content tailored to specific demographics, locations, and/or promotional campaigns.


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