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Our Retail Analytics Solutions gather data from brick-and-mortar retail environments using a variety of technologies and digital analytical tools to provide clients with valuable insights that help them make better-informed business decisions. Each of our technologies and tools employs robust hardware, automated reports and easy-to-use online dashboards.


Moving Tactics is your premier destination for cutting-edge data-driven insights tailored specifically for the retail industry. Gain valuable customer insights, optimise store layouts, and fine-tune marketing strategies using our Retail Analytics software. Our advanced platform collects and analyses data from multiple sources, enabling informed decisions that drive sales and enhance the customer experience. Our team of experts provide personalised consultations, implementation, and training to maximise the value of our solutions. Empower your retail business with Moving Tactics’ Retail Analytics technologies and gain the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s dynamic market. Start harnessing the power of data today for retail success by contacting us.

Here's how we do it

1. Get in touch

Identify and connect with the optimal team that effectively aligns with your specific needs, ensuring they possess the required skills, experience, and capabilities for your projects.

2. Understand the business goals

Find out what clients would like to achieve with their customer data.

Identifying the right solution to achieve your business goals

  • Understanding your store environment
  • What devices are needed
  • What software is needed
4. Start receiving data

Utilising data analysis, we generate actionable insights specifically optimised to client needs. Our comprehensive reporting and dashboards offer both an overall view and per-store breakdowns.

3. Install equipment

Across Southern Africa, we have dedicated, trained installation teams capable of implementing solutions at a large scale. Each tool undergoes thorough testing before it is fully deployed.

5. Ongoing support and maintenance

We offer both onsite and offsite support, providing comprehensive assistance regardless of your location. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your success and satisfaction.

Here's how we do it

Our Retail Analytics Solutions are designed to meet your in-store customer data requirements. Initiate the process by collaborating with a specialised team tailored to meet your unique needs. After assessing your business goals and understanding your retail environment, we identify the perfect mix of devices and software for you. Our dedicated teams spread across Southern Africa handle the installation process at scale, and incorporate thorough testing before each solution goes live. You can then begin to receive and analyse data, optimised according to your needs, and presented via holistic dashboards. Finally, we provide on-going support and maintenance, both onsite and offsite, ensuring smooth operations for your business.

Footfall Counting

Footfall counters, also known as people counting technologies, provide key information to retailers and forms part of the core of retail analytics. Tailored to your needs, they keep track of the number of people in a store and support social distancing regulations. Using technologies such as motions sensors, cameras and WiFi-enabled devices, retailers can adjust operations to deliver better customer service and optimise efficiencies.

Queue Management

Virtual Queue Management allows customers to take a number in a virtual queue and continue shopping while waiting their turn to be served. Not only does it reduce the amount of time customers actually spend waiting, but it also reduces perceived waiting times. Most beneficially, it gives customers the opportunity to continue shopping while they wait and, in doing so, increase their basket size.

Audience Measurement

Our Audience Measurement solution provides retailers with measurable data and retail analytics insight into their in-store audience. Using cameras attached to digital signage screens, this discreet feature measures how customers interact with screen content. It gathers data on the number of viewers as well as their gender and age. Attention time, opportunities to view the content, and customer emotion at the time of viewing are also measured.

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