Moving Tactics

As the leading Digital Signage solutions company in South Africa, we pride ourselves on developing and creating innovative customised Digital Signage and Retail Analytics technologies for all industries.

Our history

For more than 25 years, Moving Tactics has worked with top brands, retailers, quick service restaurants, mobile telecommunications companies and financial institutions to develop, create and implement the best Digital Signage systems and Retail Analytics platforms. Our solutions, installed across the continent, facilitate in-store marketing and advertising, corporate communication, and customer engagement.

Our goal is to create unique experiences for our client’s customers using Retail Digital Signage Solutions, a leading form of digital communications worldwide. These technologies are providing retailers, restaurant owners, corporates, and financial institutions with unlimited communication opportunities to enhance their environments and brand experiences.

Our Locations

Moving Tactics has established a strong presence across South Africa with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. We are strategically positioned to serve clients as the leading digital signage company in the country and ensure convenient access to our comprehensive range of Digital Signage Solutions, Retail Analytics Software and In-Store Media Services.

Cape Town







How we work

At Moving Tactics, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to solutions, which includes Retail Analytics and Digital Signage, aimed at achieving your business goals.

We understand the importance of tailoring our solutions to your business, so we begin by conducting an assessment of your business goals and gaining a deep understanding of your requirements. This allows us to identify the best combination of hardware and software that will optimise your operations.

Our dedicated teams are strategically stationed throughout Southern Africa to complete the installation process and ensure we achieve a predetermined outcome each time. Once the systems are operational, we can start collecting valuable data. Our team then optimises this data to align with your preferences, presenting it to you through comprehensive and retail-specific dashboards. This allows for easy interpretation and actionable insights that can drive your business forward.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We provide on-going support and maintenance services to ensure smooth and reliable solutions. Our maintenance teams are available for on-site and remote support, allowing us to maintain a fast turnaround time for any technical issues. We understand the importance of maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions, and our dedicated teams are always ready to assist you.

With Moving Tactics, you’re not just receiving a one-time service; you’re gaining a long-term partner dedicated to your success. We provide tailored solutions and offer continuous support to propel your business towards a unique digital in-store experience.

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