Make Reliable Data-Driven Decisions for your Brand using Digital Signage Audience Measurement Solutions

As brands increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions, the demand for audience measurement in digital signage has surged, particularly within the Retail and Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) sectors that leverage In-Store and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.

According to Scott Matthews, Head of Retail Analytics at Moving Tactics, the leading Digital Signage Solutions company in South Africa, their Audience Measurement solution that uses retail analytics software ticks these boxes. “By using discreet POPI compliant features such as cameras attached (or built into) to digital signage screens, the tool measures how customers interact with screen content and gathers data on the number of viewers as well as their gender and age. Attention time, opportunities to view the content, and emotions of the customer at the time of viewing are also measured.”

“By analysing this customer data, retailers and QSRs can gain a better understanding of the demographics, preferences and shopping behaviour of their target audiences, enabling them to tailor content and marketing efforts more effectively,” adds Scott.

By leveraging the data capabilities of audience measurement, Retailers and QSR operators are able to access measurable data and gain insights into their In-Store customer to enhance the shopping experience, optimise advertising and marketing strategies, and ultimately, increase their bottom line, while gaining a competitive edge.

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